A jam packed Weekend!


Our weekend consisted of a hodge-podge of FUN.  Brian and I had an AMAZING date on Friday night.  We went into town and had sushi at Nakama.  I love it there.  As a stay at home mom, when we go out, I really have no desire to sit in a quiet or stuffy restaurant for date-night.  I want loud, fun, tons of people, great food… you get the idea!  Nakama is just that, not to mention, you’re bound to see ‘someone cool’ too – In our case, Pouncy from the Pittsburgh Steelers.  We ordered the ‘Nakama Sushi Platter’ and there were at least 40 pieces of sushi on it.  Brian’s fav was the salmon and mine was probably the crab ~ mmmm.  I love that my husband loves sushi because its by far my favorite food! It was such a beautiful night to walk the streets after dinner.  We chatted, stopped into the ‘S Bar’ and had a cocktail, looked at desserts & chocolates through the window of a cute little store (& didn’t stop because we were beyond stuffed) ~ It was just great.  The whole night.  I love being married to Brian.  and I love that its still so much fun to flirt with him too ; )

We woke in the morning to 2 sick little boys.  Poor things… Nana brought a new game the night before and not just any game, but my most favorite childhood board-game: SORRY.  Rocco is really enjoying it and I smile watching him play my game – If someone would have said to me long ago that I’d have 2 little boys one day that will play this game with me and my husband in our home, I would have laughed.  Hard.  It was fun Saturday morning – Sorry & French Toast (made with Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Raisin Bread– You MUST try it!)

By mid-morning, the boys were getting bored in the house so Brian thought it would be fun to go to Mingo Park with our rocket-ship and shoot it off for some fun.  The boys jumped all over that idea and off we went for a little drive and family fun!  Another highly-recommended activity: Open Field & a cool Rocket-ship!

As if our weekend wasn’t awesome enough, I also went to my niece’s dance recital where she shook her little booty and was the Queen of the show!  What a fun night watching all the girls dance!  They were just too cute for words!  It brought me back to when I used to dance as a little girl and get all excited for my 4 minutes on stage!  The costumes were great, music was loud and girls were rockin’!  Today, I attended my good friends baby shower and wow-what a morning!  Everyone was (IS) so excited to find out if her and her hubby will have their 1st son or daughter & not to mention, every celebration her family together is quite the event!  Good food, great people and a grand celebration!

and just like that, our weekend is coming to an end.  Time to clean up house and start the week with a fresh start!  I wish every weekend would be like this one (minus the sick boys)… We had a jam packed but super fun weekend – the kind you don’t want to end!  Hope yours was wonderful as well ~ And btw, I owe you all a recipe or two, don’t I? Look for something in the next couple of days.  For as busy as we’ve been, I HAVE been cooking!



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    • Awe! Congratulations Michele! What an exciting time this is for you both! Brian and I are going on 7 years! Hard to believe but its the coolest thing to still get a little ‘nervous’ while primping for a date! and even cooler that I still love to flirt with him… I took our dates for granted before we had kids! Now they are so PRECIOUS to me! Thanks for reading! 😉

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