Travel in Style


When I travel, I like to be comfortable but I also like to feel good with how I look too.  You never know who you will meet, who you will run into that you know or what will happen during your travel time.  Even though traveling can be a pain, and sometimes an all day event, its tempting to keep your pj’s on and head to the airport… DON’T.  Throw on a cotton dress, slip your PiggyToes into a pair of cute flip flops, throw back your hair and put a little gloss & mascara on… You’ve heard the saying, A little goes a long way!  This is how I plan to travel for our upcoming San Francisco trip ~ Cute & Comfortable!

My Top 5 Tips for How To Travel in Style

1. Be comfortable: Who says a maxi dress isn’t comfortable?  Its cotton, flowy, gives you room to move on the plane & the one above even has a bra-top!  Present yourself to the world by showing others who you are: Beautiful inside AND out.

2. Enhance your morning look: So the flight is crazy early?  There are 2 ways to enhance your look ~ mascara and lip gloss.  My 2 favorites- BADgal lash & softlips gloss!

3. Stay Organized with a Large Tote Bag:  A light-weight, large tote will allow you to keep all of your traveling essentials in one spot!  There’s plenty of room for your personal items and even a few  misc. kid items too.  Its also said that a traveler’s best accessory is a scarf… Stick one in your tote- you never what the weather will be like when you arrive at your destination!  (HINT: I always like to put loose coins and a few cars & toy dump trucks in the bottom of my totes too!  It keeps my kids occupied while I need to take care of any business at the airport!)

4. Purchase a wallet clutch:  Phone/License/Folded Plane Ticket- All in one spot, easy to grab & very helpful in a busy airport!

5. Walk Confidently & Smile:  When you look good, you feel good! Put yourself together, walk confidently and smile because you are beautiful, organized & ready to travel!



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  1. Good info! And cute dress! Just be sure to stash a jacket or sweater in your bag. SF can be windy and chilly and the tourists always stand out because they are under dressed! : )

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