PiggyToes on the Farm.


After chocolate chip pancakes, a cold glass of milk and making the decision not to argue over Nike outfits for a farm field trip; the boys and I headed out to spend the morning at Springhouse Farm.  I must say, I had many feelings over the course of 4 hours: Peace.  Love.  Calmness.  Smell.  Dirt.  Disgust.  Joy.  Happiness.  SMELL.  Take me home NOW…. I just took a long hot shower & brewed a cup of coffee to get me through the rest of the day.  What an experience.

I imagine there is something so peaceful about living on a farm.  I would bet my boys would feel like they were in Heaven if they lived on a farm.  Greenery everywhere they look, big trees, small ponds, random puddles to splash in, tiny little paths that lead to nowhere… Not to mention, it would be quite an experience to have to create the noise you want to hear rather than hearing other families in homes all around you.  The farm we visited this morning had quite the stench though and if I were still pregnant, I’d venture to believe I would have had to leave immediately.  You could say we all gagged a few times while being around the hundreds of cows on the property.

The boys had a wonderful morning and we all experienced a few firsts too.  Rocco (and myself) milked a cow, Roman enjoyed feeding a cow its bottle and I guess you could say that we crossed a few things off of our bucket lists.  (yes, milking a cow was on my bucket list. Don’t ask why.)  I really wish we could have went inside the home on the property.  My ideas of what it was like on the inside made me smile as I fantasized about what it would be like to renovate and decorate an old house on a farm.  I imagine I would hang light and airy window treatments, hang bold prints and have many textures throughout… I’d fill baskets and wash quilts, bake cobblers & cut herbs.  Its fun to dream & imagine what life would be like in a new place (like a farm).  I did that this morning on the farm & quickly determined, that wasn’t the life for us.

After getting dirty from head to toe & smelling like cow poop, we headed to the Springhouse Store for their home-made ice-cream and play.  I even got my butt muddy on the big long slide they have, just so Roman could hang with the big guys!  Within 30 min. of being there, my OCD kicked in and I needed to leave.  We were all trashed and all I could think about was giving the boys a bath and taking a hot shower.  My car had grass and hay in it, our pants had muddy butts, our shoes were covered in dirt, dust & mud and during the drive home, I could actually feel the dust on my face.  Though it was a fun experience & neat little morning…

I have to admit, I am definitely not a farm girl.



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  1. hehehe…I truly enjoyed this post!

    I am a farm girl! Raised on 157 acres and LOVED every minute of it and would go back in a HEARTBEAT!!! However, that being said I would never want the life of a dairy farmer! I grew up on a grain farm and we had beef cattle (yes there is a difference…all those cows you saw today would NOT be good to eat, except for filet mignon (that comes from dairy cows) and we had pigs and sheep! That is the kind of farm I know and love! I loathe the smell of dairy cows but don’t mind pigs at all (which most don’t like).

    I do have to admit to you that farm girl or not I would have stuck my kids in the bath tub immediately as well! My Mom had a strict policy that cleaning up for dinner pretty much meant, TAKE A BATH (we didn’t have a shower, only a claw foot tub) before you sit down at the table! With the exception of summer time because we pretty much ate outside every night and then returned to play and chores!

    I know what you mean about the boys LOVING it! I so long to give my kids the life of adventure that I had on the farm, but for now we remain city dwellers and maybe one day we can move a little more north and have a farmette!

    Oh to dream! 🙂

    • I truly enjoyed YOUR response!!! Thank You! Its fun learning new things – I never knew you lived on a 157 acre farm… WOW! And I can only imagine you would want the same for your family. Maybe one day, you just never know!!!

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