Hi, I’m Angelique! I’m a mama to 20 Little Piggy Toes and wife to an amazing man that I met when I was 15.  I’m a Certified Elementary School Teacher and run past my certification daily while chasing my little guys around our home!  I’m a Follower of Christ and more into my relationship with Him than I am a certain religion.  Where The Piggy Toes Go is a personal blog where I talk about all of my favorite things: family, faith, food, fashion & everything in between

If you like what you read, stop back or SUBSCRIBE to our blog for a daily dose of The Piggy Toes adventures!  I adore my readers and they will never know how much I appreciate their encouragement and love.  Writing this blog would be nothing without them. 

Grab a cup of coffee and stay a while ~ If you feel like it, say Hello too!

These are our boys, Rocco & Roman.

Random Facts about Me

  • I can’t get enough of the 3 sweet guys  in my life – they challenge me daily and I’ll forever be changed because of them.

  • I met my hubby when I was 15 and he stole my heart at ‘hello’.  True story.
  • I’m a chap-stick wearing, coffee drinking gal who can’t leave Target without spending $100.
  • You probably won’t find professional photography on my blog but I’m getting better and trying to capture our lives in the best way I know how for your viewing pleasure!
  • I secretly splurge at Anthropologie but TJ Maxx is my weekly pleasure.
  • I put my faith in God and yet sometimes, the fear of the unknown still gets hold of me.  I trust that my life is in the most perfect hands and that there is a perfect plan for me and my family.
  • I love to decorate and re-decorate my home.  I love to move furniture & decor when a season is ending which recently resulted in a few scratches in our hardwood floor.
  • I love to bake & cook every day (and I do!) See my ‘TASTE’ page for great recipes!
  • I enjoy going on daily adventures with my boys but mostly, I enjoy listening to them share their daily adventure with daddy over dinner!
  • I dove knee deep into cloth diapering once and can now tell you that I LOVE PAMPERS!
  • I would rather be with my 3 guys more than anyone else in the world.
  • I feel that it is important to create ‘family memories’ for your children without always having other people around.  Instead of calling around to see who else is ‘free’, try making plans with the people who sleep under your roof.
  • I love magazines and prefer them over books (as of now).
  • Coffee is the perfect start to my day & Chocolate is the perfect ending to my day! The perfect combo for a busy mama of 2 boys!

This is our family.

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  1. Love your Blog ! I think you are a creative writer who expresses herself in informative, interesting and sometimes humorous ways ! It is wonderful to learn about your joy of being a wife , mother, and homemaker. Enjoy this experience of sharing your ideas and beliefs !

  2. Angelique! You were born for this. Great job….I’m enjoying every post! keep it up. Thanks. look forward to a playdate soon!!!!!!

  3. LOVE your blog!! You are so talented!! I love your recipes..always looking for healthy recipes since I am trying to get off the stubborn baby weight. :):) Thanks for sharing your life with us! 🙂

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