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At some point each day, I walk my Piggy Toes through our home to find supplies for an Art Project. Little ones LOVE art. Our art consists of either painting, coloring, creating & cutting or making something unique and creative! I hope to inspire you to think outside of the box and find things in your home for your kids to create something special. It doesn’t take many supplies to keep them BUSY!

‘What’s Christmas About’ – A Quick Art Project for Kids


A while ago, I saw a paper kids craft (don’t even know where), but it stuck in my head.  I always like to remember those little crafts when I have 2 antsy boys going stir crazy.  I told them we were going to make a Christmas Tree and write on it what they thought Christmas was about.  They were so excited when I got out green & red construction paper, markers, scissors and glue!  After a little guidance in making Christmas trees, I wrote EXACTLY what Rocco said on each square, in order.  Roman just repeats what Rocco says, but when I asked, “What is Christmas about?” the first thing Rocco said was,”Its about Jesus’ birthday!”  Those little moments make my heart happy!  This art project is self explanatory… cut rectangles in the shape of a Christmas tree, glue on construction paper, write on each square what your child thinks Christmas is about, VOILA! Easy Christmas Art Project.  And btw, the blue dots are Rocco’s ornaments!



I had all intentions to make this THANKSGIVING Countdown Calendar.


I found this adorable Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar a few years ago at Pottery Barn Kids.  It was $75.00 – FORGET IT.  SO, I snapped a picture of it with my iPhone with ALL INTENTIONS to re-create it:

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Cinnamon Stick Letter


I can’t even begin to tell you how EXCITED I was when I found this Tutorial on another blog today!  I am DEFINITELY making a big ‘L’ for my front door and just had to share this creative, easy for any ‘non-crafter’ (like-me) Cinnamon Stick Letter!  I think I’ll run to the craft store during pre-school hours to collect my supplies! Would you believe I don’t own a Hot Glue Gun?  Its true.

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2 Little Art Projects about Your FAMILY…




This was a project that involved art, math, english and so many other skills! 😉  First we talked about Our Family.  Just general talking… Then I asked, “What are the names of the members?”  “How many people are in our family?” and  “Who is a little person and who is a big person?” etc. etc. Let’s make a flower bouquet of our family with each flower representing 1 person in our family!

1- We cut out a flower pot and glued it onto a piece of construction paper.

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Rainy Afternoon Activities


I always look for ideas to fill the time between when the boys wake from naps and dinner.  Its usually a few hours in my world as hubby doesn’t get home from work until 6:30/7:00pm every night.  A rainy day like today calls for a Rain Themed Afternoon!


Today is a ‘good’ rain to collect!  Have your little ones place an empty bucket on the front step to see how much it rained!  Leave it there while you are working on the other rain activities below and keep watch until the rain stops!  My little guys LOVE to look out the front door at the rain filling their bucket 🙂

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