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Yesterday marked the 26th time I’ve tried to put a side braid in my hair.  OK, I may be exaggerating, but I tried and and tried & after twisting the last part of the rubber band around my hair, I sported that braid all day long. 

Roman was instantly in love with my “princess hair” and kept telling me how pretty I look.  Goodness, he’s just awesome ~ I should start lending him out for women who need a little boost!  He will kiss you, tell you how pretty you are, compliment your every move, tell you he missed you when you leave the room… I’m beyond blessed to have him in my life.  I could wake up with 5 new zits, run to his room to get him in the morning and he’d still say, “Mommy, you’re so pretty.”  I know he’s going to be the best husband when he grows up.  Anyway, my braid became Roman’s security handle for the day and he just loved tugging on it.  Not to leave Rocco out but he didn’t seem to care much about the braid – He gives compliments out when someone is dressed up!  They are both just sooo sweet (& yes, bad at times too).

I left the guys behind to grocery shop (aka. my weekend time that I run into TJ Maxx and complain about how long the grocery store line was)!  They were stocked!  One of the things people always say to me is, “How do you always find such awesome pieces and good buys at TJ Maxx and every time I go there, I don’t find anything!?!”  Well, here’s the key.  You need to ask the manager or someone who works there full time, when AND what time their shipments come each week.  Then, you need to go within a few hours of the shipment to get the very best things.  They are really good about stocking the shelves when a shipment arrives & women who know their shipment schedule will go and snatch up all the best items first!  Become one of those women (like me)!  I will admit, I do live about 2 minutes from the store and if I absolutely had to, I could walk.  On Saturday, I found a pair of white, skinny leg jeans for $19 that look so much better than the $175 pair I recently saw online.  I’m thrilled.  Keep your eyes open for my post on: How To Hem your own Jeans.  My seamstress charges around $15 for hemmed jeans & being that I paid $19 for new whites… We CAN do this!

Saturday afternoon was spent at an amazing 2nd birthday party.  Rocco threw a royal fit because I woke him up and then he wanted to wear his bike pajamas while I was changing him.  The car-ride to the party was AWFUL & Roman just looked at him as if he was the most psychotic boy he knew.  He kept saying, “Rocco, why you cryin’? Stop crying!”  Then, it was like someone flipped his switch.  We entered the plan of homes where the party was, Rocco saw a cat in a nearby yard and snapped out of it.  Immediately stopped throwing his fit and said, “Look at that cat over there!”  Brian and I looked at each other giving eyes that said, ‘Seriously, what just happened?’ ~ We decided to talk about the fit after the party & the afternoon couldn’t have gone better.  Great party, great food, great friends, great celebration!

Before I leave you, I am so excited to share our new site with you!  I’m putting last minute touches on it and updating and editing the material.  I’ve figured out what I want to share & talk about with you and it really is about my favorite things: Family, Faith, Food, Fashion & all the in betweens!  Its pink & gold, girly & screams ME!  As soon as I saw the layout, colors, design – I knew it had to be mine.  Keep your eyes open!



Travel in Style


When I travel, I like to be comfortable but I also like to feel good with how I look too.  You never know who you will meet, who you will run into that you know or what will happen during your travel time.  Even though traveling can be a pain, and sometimes an all day event, its tempting to keep your pj’s on and head to the airport… DON’T.  Throw on a cotton dress, slip your PiggyToes into a pair of cute flip flops, throw back your hair and put a little gloss & mascara on… You’ve heard the saying, A little goes a long way!  This is how I plan to travel for our upcoming San Francisco trip ~ Cute & Comfortable!

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Just another day at 1046 with Roman.


My dear Roman.  He holds this spot in my heart that no other human being could ever come into.  Not to mention, I could kiss his tiny lips & listen to his raspy little voice all day long.  Roman turned 2 in November.  But in our opinion (Brian and I), he turned 2 just a few weeks ago.  He’s finding trouble wherever he goes and doesn’t listen to a word he’s told unless it has to do with eating a piece of chocolate or getting a vitamin.  His tantrums and defiant manner can be frustrating but because he’s my 2nd, I know this too shall pass and I find myself laughing more than getting frustrated.  His favorite words are “me-do” and “no”!  You could say he’s showing his age.

This morning, I woke to the sound of hangers breaking.  YES, that’s correct.  Hangers breaking.  My little man Roman is a tad too obsessed with choosing his clothes for the day.  He thinks if he wakes up early and gets to his clothes before me, he’ll win the daily wardrobe battle.  Smart boy but I can hear the plastic snapping from clear across the hall bright and early and usually stop him dead in his tracks.  “Mommy!  I get dressed!” he tells me as 4 broken plastic hanger pieces lay on the  floor.  Here’s what he tells me that he wants to wear:

“Wet-pants” — Sweatpants

“Checkers” — A green hoodie that is checkered like a race track flag

“Wish pants” — Swishy pants

“Fi-fops” — Flip-flops

If Roman had it his way, he’d wear Puma or Nike swish-shorts, a long sleeve t-shirt, winter socks up to his knees and a checkered green hoodie.  Then he’d slip his sock covered PiggyToes in a pair of flip-flops and be ready for the day.  Honestly, one day I’ll just let him go out in public like this.  Heck, it would be a morning full of giggles and good conversation but I still don’t have the guts.  In my opinion, its completely inappropriate.  Wouldn’t you say?

I guess in the scheme of things, it could be worse.

The sun is shining, birds are chirping and Spring has Sprung!

In Roman’s world, that just means:  Bring out the Socks & Flip-Flops ; )