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Friday Fashion


Ever since I purchased a pair of LITTLE RED JEANS, I’ve been longing to wear them in a new way other than with black and white!  I was invited to a party on Wednesday night & couldn’t think of a better time to try a new look with my red jeans!  I love coral paired with turquoise so why not pair red with something turquoise?  After playing in my closet during the boys afternoon naps, I came up with this…

I had fun in this outfit and want to encourage you tonight to:

Try Something New ~ Try Something Bold ~ Try Something Daring!

and if you’re a mama, get out before you have slobber or food on your outfit… ; )

Hope your Friday is both fun & fashionable!



Friday’s Fashion… It’s Date Night!


Happy Friday!  I gotta be Quick – I still need to get the boys together for the night and then off I go on a date with my man!  The weather is gorgeous, the sun is shining and I’m so excited to be slipping my PiggyToes into my new wedges…

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