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Whats Up.


These pictures are pretty much the only pictures I took during ‘that month’.  When I look at them, its a reminder of some really emotional days I had then I shake my head and look longer.  When I look longer, I am reminded that these were some of the sweetest days I’ve spent at home with my family to date.  (And yes, I WILL find something sweet about our stupid animal that is getting into our garbage cans night after night.)  Staying home for 1 month proved to me that we don’t have to leave home to make memories (of any kind) with our kids.  These photos are also a reminder to me that no matter whats going on in our lives (whether happy or sad), I can always find a sweet little story about the pictures I take around 1046.  I love that about my life – even on my darkest days, my little guys (& big one too) bring such joy to my life. Read the rest of this entry