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Friday Fashion


Ever since I purchased a pair of LITTLE RED JEANS, I’ve been longing to wear them in a new way other than with black and white!  I was invited to a party on Wednesday night & couldn’t think of a better time to try a new look with my red jeans!  I love coral paired with turquoise so why not pair red with something turquoise?  After playing in my closet during the boys afternoon naps, I came up with this…

I had fun in this outfit and want to encourage you tonight to:

Try Something New ~ Try Something Bold ~ Try Something Daring!

and if you’re a mama, get out before you have slobber or food on your outfit… ; )

Hope your Friday is both fun & fashionable!



What Rocco’s Teachers told me…and what I did about it.


There’s a handful of telephone poles on WM Road that are tilted towards the road.  I drive nervously by them each day thinking if a big wind suddenly blows by, one of those telephone poles is going to blow over onto my car.  Tuesday morning, I drove right by without even noticing them.  My mind was focused on the parent-teacher conference I was about to sit through.  I was driving with my left hand on the wheel and my right hand was holding 3 coffees in a drink carrier.  Behind the carrier was a bag of vanilla bean scones.  They smelled delicious.  And yes, you could say I was bringing an offering of some sort to Rocco’s teachers.  I arrived at the conference with my teacher treats and it was very much appreciated.  Always good to start a meeting with a bonus point, right?  His teachers began by showing me pictures of Rocco playing and working around the classroom.  He was building towers, playing with trains, pulling other little guys around on scooters, painting, playing in a sheet tent, etc. etc.  They keep the kids so busy at preschool; I love it (and so does he)!  They told me that Rocco has good manners, listens to his teachers the 1st time he’s told, waits his turn very well, is kind to others, is thriving and growing in this environment… and then… They told me:

He’s the class clown. Read the rest of this entry