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A jam packed Weekend!


Our weekend consisted of a hodge-podge of FUN.  Brian and I had an AMAZING date on Friday night.  We went into town and had sushi at Nakama.  I love it there.  As a stay at home mom, when we go out, I really have no desire to sit in a quiet or stuffy restaurant for date-night.  I want loud, fun, tons of people, great food… you get the idea!  Nakama is just that, not to mention, you’re bound to see ‘someone cool’ too – In our case, Pouncy from the Pittsburgh Steelers.  We ordered the ‘Nakama Sushi Platter’ and there were at least 40 pieces of sushi on it.  Brian’s fav was the salmon and mine was probably the crab ~ mmmm.  I love that my husband loves sushi because its by far my favorite food! It was such a beautiful night to walk the streets after dinner.  We chatted, stopped into the ‘S Bar’ and had a cocktail, looked at desserts & chocolates through the window of a cute little store (& didn’t stop because we were beyond stuffed) ~ It was just great.  The whole night.  I love being married to Brian.  and I love that its still so much fun to flirt with him too ; )

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Whats Up.


These pictures are pretty much the only pictures I took during ‘that month’.  When I look at them, its a reminder of some really emotional days I had then I shake my head and look longer.  When I look longer, I am reminded that these were some of the sweetest days I’ve spent at home with my family to date.  (And yes, I WILL find something sweet about our stupid animal that is getting into our garbage cans night after night.)  Staying home for 1 month proved to me that we don’t have to leave home to make memories (of any kind) with our kids.  These photos are also a reminder to me that no matter whats going on in our lives (whether happy or sad), I can always find a sweet little story about the pictures I take around 1046.  I love that about my life – even on my darkest days, my little guys (& big one too) bring such joy to my life. Read the rest of this entry