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Travel in Style


When I travel, I like to be comfortable but I also like to feel good with how I look too.  You never know who you will meet, who you will run into that you know or what will happen during your travel time.  Even though traveling can be a pain, and sometimes an all day event, its tempting to keep your pj’s on and head to the airport… DON’T.  Throw on a cotton dress, slip your PiggyToes into a pair of cute flip flops, throw back your hair and put a little gloss & mascara on… You’ve heard the saying, A little goes a long way!  This is how I plan to travel for our upcoming San Francisco trip ~ Cute & Comfortable!

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Coffee Anyone? Sit. Let’s chat.


There you are!  I’m speechless.  I really did NOT expect to come home from an awesome Christmas Party last night to my inbox being loaded with your messages!  I GUESS I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE THERE!  I mean, those stupid numbers in WordPress told me but I just didn’t feel that way.  And I’ve never read stats, or did research or really knew ANYTHING (as I mentioned) about this whole ‘blogging’ thing and how it works.  Its like I landed on Mars.  REALLY.  My eyes filled with tears hearing from you all – email, facebook wall, private messages, twitter, HERE…  I didn’t expect that!  You are the sweetest people & I’m honored to know you.  I love this outlet and love sharing our life with you.  Before I move on, let me clear a few things up though.  I didn’t write that post over ONE person or that ONE email.  NEVER would I EVER let just ONE person or TWO people get me down.  But reading and seeing DAILY comments and clicking ‘Delete Permanently’ and ‘Do Not Approve’ over time…that’s what it was.  The email yesterday and a FB comment just happened to be the cherry on top which made me write that post.  I’M OVER IT.  A friend said to me, “Remember what Oscar Wilde said…”

“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about!” 

I love that.  and it made me giggle too!  I’M NOT A QUITTER & plan to blog away until my hearts content. SO – MOVING ON!  I went to my first Christmas Party last night!  I partied like a mama of two who drove an hour to party can party!  1 glass of wine, lots of sweets & munchies and great chit-chat with new and old girl-friends – JUST what I needed! This was what I wore: Read the rest of this entry

OH MY! Softlips WINTER Flavors… My lips love you!


If you have been following my blog for the past couple of months (love you), you may remember one of my very 1st posts about how much I love Softlips. If you don’t remember: Click & Read! Or you may remember when I shared with you what was In my Purse (A coin purse full of Softlips!) Remember this post? and of course a Softlips product made my Stocking Stuffer List! Why wouldn’t it? I’ve been a fan of Softlips since my first purchase and never been more in love with a chap-stick than I am now.  The weekend is here (finally) and I know you’ll be throwing your Uggs on to go shopping!  Before you go, I have to share with you a MUST-HAVE for you and yours this holiday season:

Softlips WINTER Flavors!

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What’s in Your Make-Up Bag? + a Few Make-Up Tips for Busy Mamas!


So, its time for a change.  Make-Up, that is.  Meet my make-up bag.

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What’s in Your STOCKING?


YOU ASKED: Angelique, Here’s something I struggle with every year…Stocking Stuffers.  I never know what to put in there besides the standard underwear and a tooth brush…HELP!!! 🙂

I ANSWERED: I LOVE Stocking Stuffers!!!  OH MY – How to narrow down the list? I’m going to make this SO easy for everyone- You can PURCHASE these Stocking Stuffers right here by clicking on the picture and adding it to your cart in Amazon!  Have I told you how much I love Amazon?  I couldn’t just do Stocking Stuffers for kiddos so get ready: I found something for everyone!  Men, women, girls & boys:  This is…


(Ladies, you may have to send your man this link if you want something I listed.  And someone send it to my hubby too!)

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Softlips… Yes, please!


I have to tell you about my new Chap-stick 😉 ha!

I think I told you in ‘Random facts about me’ that I wear CHAP-STICK!  All. Day. Long. 

I put it on 1st thing in the am, its the 1st thing I do when I hop in my car, I reapply while I’m out; I love it!  I’m not a lip-stick fan though every so often, I try to be.  I remember my mom once told me, “Lipstick completes your look when you’re wearing makeup.”  Do you agree?  I try but well, its not for me.  My look is ‘complete’ when I apply chap-stick.  WANT TO KNOW MY FAVORITE CHAP-STICK OF ALL? softlips http://www.softlips.com  and I just saw that I am 1 of 704,312 women on FB that LOVE softlips– Crazy, right? Its chap-stick!  I’m telling you, once you try it, you’ll never want to wear another brand of chap-stick again.  and they even have ORGANIC too! 😉

So while I did my weekly grocery shopping trip, my Piggy Toes stumbled across a LIMITED EDITION of Softlips!  Cherry PLUS a Bonus Shimmer Tint.  It seriously made my day!  I set it on my night stand as soon as I got home…

and after I opened it, I set it in a rose… Because this chap-stick shouldn’t be tossed around! 😉 That’s just silly of me.  Why does this excite me so much? So much that I’m posting about it and receiving nothing in return!? I have no clue.  But I want you to try it!  I know you’ll love it just as much as I do!  That is, if you like chap-stick.

and I know you remember my other ‘favorite’ — LynnieBBags???  Well I have a little coin purse dedicated to 6 or 7 softlips (not coins).  No wonder I apply it so often!  I see that adorable little bag sitting in my purse.  I know whats inside and I reapply.  Such a silly ‘favorite’ but really is a FAVORITE thing of mine!


Do you have a little obsession with chap-stick? or lip-stick? or are you one of those ‘all natural’ gals?

I put myself out there – Your turn!

Comment below 😉