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Yesterday marked the 26th time I’ve tried to put a side braid in my hair.  OK, I may be exaggerating, but I tried and and tried & after twisting the last part of the rubber band around my hair, I sported that braid all day long. 

Roman was instantly in love with my “princess hair” and kept telling me how pretty I look.  Goodness, he’s just awesome ~ I should start lending him out for women who need a little boost!  He will kiss you, tell you how pretty you are, compliment your every move, tell you he missed you when you leave the room… I’m beyond blessed to have him in my life.  I could wake up with 5 new zits, run to his room to get him in the morning and he’d still say, “Mommy, you’re so pretty.”  I know he’s going to be the best husband when he grows up.  Anyway, my braid became Roman’s security handle for the day and he just loved tugging on it.  Not to leave Rocco out but he didn’t seem to care much about the braid – He gives compliments out when someone is dressed up!  They are both just sooo sweet (& yes, bad at times too).

I left the guys behind to grocery shop (aka. my weekend time that I run into TJ Maxx and complain about how long the grocery store line was)!  They were stocked!  One of the things people always say to me is, “How do you always find such awesome pieces and good buys at TJ Maxx and every time I go there, I don’t find anything!?!”  Well, here’s the key.  You need to ask the manager or someone who works there full time, when AND what time their shipments come each week.  Then, you need to go within a few hours of the shipment to get the very best things.  They are really good about stocking the shelves when a shipment arrives & women who know their shipment schedule will go and snatch up all the best items first!  Become one of those women (like me)!  I will admit, I do live about 2 minutes from the store and if I absolutely had to, I could walk.  On Saturday, I found a pair of white, skinny leg jeans for $19 that look so much better than the $175 pair I recently saw online.  I’m thrilled.  Keep your eyes open for my post on: How To Hem your own Jeans.  My seamstress charges around $15 for hemmed jeans & being that I paid $19 for new whites… We CAN do this!

Saturday afternoon was spent at an amazing 2nd birthday party.  Rocco threw a royal fit because I woke him up and then he wanted to wear his bike pajamas while I was changing him.  The car-ride to the party was AWFUL & Roman just looked at him as if he was the most psychotic boy he knew.  He kept saying, “Rocco, why you cryin’? Stop crying!”  Then, it was like someone flipped his switch.  We entered the plan of homes where the party was, Rocco saw a cat in a nearby yard and snapped out of it.  Immediately stopped throwing his fit and said, “Look at that cat over there!”  Brian and I looked at each other giving eyes that said, ‘Seriously, what just happened?’ ~ We decided to talk about the fit after the party & the afternoon couldn’t have gone better.  Great party, great food, great friends, great celebration!

Before I leave you, I am so excited to share our new site with you!  I’m putting last minute touches on it and updating and editing the material.  I’ve figured out what I want to share & talk about with you and it really is about my favorite things: Family, Faith, Food, Fashion & all the in betweens!  Its pink & gold, girly & screams ME!  As soon as I saw the layout, colors, design – I knew it had to be mine.  Keep your eyes open!



10 Spring Pieces You’ll see me Wear


Spring is definitely here and I’m so excited to pull out these 10 statement pieces! I love each of these items because they can be worn so many different ways and in my opinion, that’s a GOOD buy! ; ) For example, look at that little yellow dress.  By day, I can wear it with flip-flops and a pony-tail and by night, I can dress it up with heels, style my hair so its shiny & wavy and put on a great pair of earrings or fun bangles!  Heck, even a fun little belt would be cute!

Or the striped long sleeve top… such a beachy top!  By day, it can be worn with shorts & a flat, strappy sandal and by night, it would look awesome worn with white jeans and a little brown leather headband.  How about those Mossimo navy ankle pants?  They look awesome on and could really be worn 50 different ways!  If you put a t-shirt on and slipped your PiggyToes into flip flops, you’d have a cute day outfit or worn with heels and a feminine blouse, you’d have a more sophisticated look! I love those pants.  Just got them at Target!

One of my favorite finds was the Minali cuff on Etsy!  I plan to have it around my wrist all season long and my most latest find was the Everli Green/Turquoise dress.  I’ll have to take a picture when I wear it… Such a shame the picture of it on the hanger doesn’t do a justice (just like the black dress).  Regardless, I love the open shoulder sleeve and the bold color green.  The black dress is also great for a date night – a feel good dress all around!  It doesn’t even call for much jewelry or even an awesome shoe – the dress says it all.  Max Studio – good buy.

Goodness, I’m thinking I need a date (or 2) soon!  How about you?  ; )

This Spring, Find pieces that are BRIGHT & UNIQUE.  Find pieces you can DRESS UP or DOWN.  And Find pieces that are BOLD & MAKE A STATEMENT!


TJ Maxx… Let me Explain.


So a while ago, end of November, very beginning of December, I shopped at TJMaxx (what else is new?)!  But you remember my sparkly find, right?  I think I shared it with YOU first!  Well, just for FUN, I sent a Facebook message to TJ Maxx!  I posted a pic and said: “My awesome holiday sparkle ‘jacket’ at TJ’s!”

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Coffee Anyone? Sit. Let’s chat.


There you are!  I’m speechless.  I really did NOT expect to come home from an awesome Christmas Party last night to my inbox being loaded with your messages!  I GUESS I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE THERE!  I mean, those stupid numbers in WordPress told me but I just didn’t feel that way.  And I’ve never read stats, or did research or really knew ANYTHING (as I mentioned) about this whole ‘blogging’ thing and how it works.  Its like I landed on Mars.  REALLY.  My eyes filled with tears hearing from you all – email, facebook wall, private messages, twitter, HERE…  I didn’t expect that!  You are the sweetest people & I’m honored to know you.  I love this outlet and love sharing our life with you.  Before I move on, let me clear a few things up though.  I didn’t write that post over ONE person or that ONE email.  NEVER would I EVER let just ONE person or TWO people get me down.  But reading and seeing DAILY comments and clicking ‘Delete Permanently’ and ‘Do Not Approve’ over time…that’s what it was.  The email yesterday and a FB comment just happened to be the cherry on top which made me write that post.  I’M OVER IT.  A friend said to me, “Remember what Oscar Wilde said…”

“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about!” 

I love that.  and it made me giggle too!  I’M NOT A QUITTER & plan to blog away until my hearts content. SO – MOVING ON!  I went to my first Christmas Party last night!  I partied like a mama of two who drove an hour to party can party!  1 glass of wine, lots of sweets & munchies and great chit-chat with new and old girl-friends – JUST what I needed! This was what I wore: Read the rest of this entry

*Some* of My Favorite Outfits


YOU ASKED: Ok, so you always look SO cute and trendy.  I just don’t have the time to shop for myself… At least not without dragging 30 little piggy toes with me!!! SO my question is…Could you post some of your favorite outfits and where you purchased them?!

I ANSWERED: Oh my! I’m flattered but I must say, I do NOT feel the same way! haha  I just love clothes no matter where they are from and when I see something fun, I snatch it up 🙂  I must say, I’m a little embarrassed posting a bunch of pictures of myself… And some of my most favorite outfits, I don’t even have pictures of.  Seems like when I wear my favorites, I’m going on a date and my Piggy Toes are running for the door when the babysitter arrives!  OK-I’m stalling… FOR YOU!  Because you asked!  I looked through my iPhoto Pictures and found 16 (whoah, I know) outfits that I had a lot of fun wearing!  Like I said, I can still think of a bunch of other outfits I LOVE LOVE LOVE but don’t have pics of.  Here’s the short of it, I love DRESSES, LEGGINGS, GOOD JEANS & FUN TOPS! By Season-


PLAY-DATE FUN!  Tye-Dye Tank-Target, Brown Tank under- Victoria’s Secret, Seven For All Mankind Jeans : Didn’t I say I love a pair of designer jeans with a cheapo top?  That’s ME!

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Tags & Toilets


Is it just a little boy thing or do little girls flush random things down the toilet too? 

Seriously I want to know.  This morning, Roman flushed PAPER down the toilet while I was getting myself dressed.  I was so worried and mad at the same time that I yelled at him and he shouted right back, “YA!” confirming that he understood we do NOT put anything but pee, poop & toilet paper in the potty.  Later in the morning, I found a ‘Crazy 8’ clothing tag in the toilet (which is like a hard cardboard square… and just now, I put the boys down for naps, went into our bathroom AND:

I mean, I guess could be onto something.  Don’t want hubby to know you went shopping? FLUSH THE TAG! 😉

(jk. Babe, I would never do that.)