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Yesterday marked the 26th time I’ve tried to put a side braid in my hair.  OK, I may be exaggerating, but I tried and and tried & after twisting the last part of the rubber band around my hair, I sported that braid all day long. 

Roman was instantly in love with my “princess hair” and kept telling me how pretty I look.  Goodness, he’s just awesome ~ I should start lending him out for women who need a little boost!  He will kiss you, tell you how pretty you are, compliment your every move, tell you he missed you when you leave the room… I’m beyond blessed to have him in my life.  I could wake up with 5 new zits, run to his room to get him in the morning and he’d still say, “Mommy, you’re so pretty.”  I know he’s going to be the best husband when he grows up.  Anyway, my braid became Roman’s security handle for the day and he just loved tugging on it.  Not to leave Rocco out but he didn’t seem to care much about the braid – He gives compliments out when someone is dressed up!  They are both just sooo sweet (& yes, bad at times too).

I left the guys behind to grocery shop (aka. my weekend time that I run into TJ Maxx and complain about how long the grocery store line was)!  They were stocked!  One of the things people always say to me is, “How do you always find such awesome pieces and good buys at TJ Maxx and every time I go there, I don’t find anything!?!”  Well, here’s the key.  You need to ask the manager or someone who works there full time, when AND what time their shipments come each week.  Then, you need to go within a few hours of the shipment to get the very best things.  They are really good about stocking the shelves when a shipment arrives & women who know their shipment schedule will go and snatch up all the best items first!  Become one of those women (like me)!  I will admit, I do live about 2 minutes from the store and if I absolutely had to, I could walk.  On Saturday, I found a pair of white, skinny leg jeans for $19 that look so much better than the $175 pair I recently saw online.  I’m thrilled.  Keep your eyes open for my post on: How To Hem your own Jeans.  My seamstress charges around $15 for hemmed jeans & being that I paid $19 for new whites… We CAN do this!

Saturday afternoon was spent at an amazing 2nd birthday party.  Rocco threw a royal fit because I woke him up and then he wanted to wear his bike pajamas while I was changing him.  The car-ride to the party was AWFUL & Roman just looked at him as if he was the most psychotic boy he knew.  He kept saying, “Rocco, why you cryin’? Stop crying!”  Then, it was like someone flipped his switch.  We entered the plan of homes where the party was, Rocco saw a cat in a nearby yard and snapped out of it.  Immediately stopped throwing his fit and said, “Look at that cat over there!”  Brian and I looked at each other giving eyes that said, ‘Seriously, what just happened?’ ~ We decided to talk about the fit after the party & the afternoon couldn’t have gone better.  Great party, great food, great friends, great celebration!

Before I leave you, I am so excited to share our new site with you!  I’m putting last minute touches on it and updating and editing the material.  I’ve figured out what I want to share & talk about with you and it really is about my favorite things: Family, Faith, Food, Fashion & all the in betweens!  Its pink & gold, girly & screams ME!  As soon as I saw the layout, colors, design – I knew it had to be mine.  Keep your eyes open!



A jam packed Weekend!


Our weekend consisted of a hodge-podge of FUN.  Brian and I had an AMAZING date on Friday night.  We went into town and had sushi at Nakama.  I love it there.  As a stay at home mom, when we go out, I really have no desire to sit in a quiet or stuffy restaurant for date-night.  I want loud, fun, tons of people, great food… you get the idea!  Nakama is just that, not to mention, you’re bound to see ‘someone cool’ too – In our case, Pouncy from the Pittsburgh Steelers.  We ordered the ‘Nakama Sushi Platter’ and there were at least 40 pieces of sushi on it.  Brian’s fav was the salmon and mine was probably the crab ~ mmmm.  I love that my husband loves sushi because its by far my favorite food! It was such a beautiful night to walk the streets after dinner.  We chatted, stopped into the ‘S Bar’ and had a cocktail, looked at desserts & chocolates through the window of a cute little store (& didn’t stop because we were beyond stuffed) ~ It was just great.  The whole night.  I love being married to Brian.  and I love that its still so much fun to flirt with him too ; )

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Weekend Bliss.


As I was washing dishes on Thursday Night, I realized I wasn’t hearing the typical boy noise I usually hear when Brian is home from work.  On a typical spring evening, he arrives home, changes his clothes, devours his food then takes Rocco & Roman outside to play.  It gives me a little ‘down time’ to check my e-mail, do the dishes, put laundry away, etc. before the night routine.  Surely they must be up to something because no noise is no good (at least at 1046).  I walked to our side window that overlooks the driveway where the boys ride their bikes.  No sign of my 3 guys.  Check out the front door.  Again, no sign of my 3 guys.  I walked to the back of the house and peaked out of the sun-room windows.  There in the distance, were my 3 guys all in white shirts.  I could spot them quickly while looking at the green and brown landscape.  Watching them walk through the woods made me grin from ear to ear.  I knew my husband was in his glory and seeing them together makes my heart happy!  I snapped this picture and it made me think; this is why I blog.  I blog so I can remember and I know when I look back on this picture, I’ll remember how I felt when I took it:  So happy.  So proud.  So content.

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10 Random Things To Tell You…

Take 2: Another 10 RANDOMS… Got any for me too? Post a Comment Below
The Pre-school director made me the contact mom for Rocco’s class. (& 1 other mom) She told us that LAST year, the contact mom abused the emailing by sending chit chat notes to the other moms because she longed for adult convo- and some women complained. She said not to abuse the emailing.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about that?

At 11pm, Brian and I have a new Bird friend chirping outside in our back yard. We find it annoying, yet there’s something sweet about it to me. It’s like he knows he can’t be heard around 1046 at any other time of day and he comes to say ‘hi!’ when all is quiet!

I wear an Eye Mask to sleep ever since we moved our bed. It leaves lines on my face that most likely make others giggle behind my back when they see me.

Sometimes I feel like I want a school of children (4 is my limit) and other times I’m happy with me and my 2 little boys.  I trust that God has a plan for us but right now, I’m in a really good place. and very content (an answer to prayer)!

Have you wondered why I haven’t posted any ART recently? Probably because Rocco does a lot of it in PS (or so I think)… He brought home other kids art work… 3 times.  I think next week we’ll do a few Fall Art Projects.

Some people listen to loud, fast music while they work out. I worship & pray while I’m on the elliptical and go just as fast.

I wrote a post titled: “Don’t let yourself go because your name is Mom”… I’m too nervous to post. I don’t want others to think I judge. I don’t.  I probably won’t post it.
3 Things I Want: 
1.  Clear canisters for flour, sugar & brown sugar.
2.  Pretty, pink, girly yoga mat.
3.  A beautiful vanity chair for in my bathroom that I can sit on while I spend 20 minutes putting on fun makeup… Just got hit in the eye with a hacky sak by my 22 mo old- Wake up! What was I thinking?  That won’t happen for years!

I’m on my 2nd flat iron in 11 years – and its the same brand: The Wonder Wand.  Nice name, right?
I never thought I’d have a friend that was like a sister to me.  A friend that when she is hurting, I am too.  A friend that when she’s mad, I am too.  A friend that when she’s struggling, I struggle with her.  Of course we’ve had our own ups and downs but I LOVE having my friend.  She’s the sister I never had.
HAVE A BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND!  My Piggy Toes will be comfy in UGGS – Supposed to be cold!

Things to do over LABOR DAY Weekend


YOU ASKED: “What are your Plans for Labor Day Weekend?  Do you have any suggestions or ideas as to what we can do with our kids around the Pittsburgh Area?”

I ANSWERED: “You Got It!”

From festivals to parades or even just a back yard picnic-Here are a few options for you to choose from in the Pittsburgh Area:

LABOR DAY PARADE:  On Monday the 5th at 9:00am, Pittsburgh is having their annual parade starting at Mellon Arena and traveling down the Blvd. of the Allies! For more info, Call (412) 281-7450

SOUTH PARK RIB & WING CHALLENGE:  From 9/3-9/5, South Park is having a Rib & Wing Challenge where families & all ages are welcome!  There will be live concerts, craft booths, petting zoo, pony rides, beer garden, children’s area and even a sports zone.
Admission is $10 at the entrances, & children age 11 and under welcome for free. For more information, call (412) 405-9631.

PA ARTS & CRAFTS COLONIAL FESTIVAL @ Westmorland County Fairgrounds: A fun, family-friendly festival.  Experience the pride and skill of colonial men and women displaying beautiful furniture, floral arrangements, jewelry, clothing, ceramics, quilts, soft sculpture, wrought iron, tole & decorative painting, candles, dips & drink mixes, home-baked goods and much, much more.
Other festival highlights include a “Wild World Of Animals” show, petting zoo, face painting & balloon animals with Glitter Dot & Dapper and tractor-drawn wagon rides.
For more information, call (724) 863-4577.

GATEWAY CLIPPER FLEET: Kids 12 and under, only $1 for sightseeing cruises! Cruise times vary, check website for details! Offer valid Saturday 9/3, Sunday 9/4 and Monday 9/5!

DORA’S PIRATE ADVENTURE @ The Children’s Museum: Enjoy this hour-long live performance featuring all of the favorite characters from cable TV’s “Dora The Explorer” including Dora, Diego, Boots, Swiper and more.
Debuting in 2000, “Dora” is about the animated adventures of a young girl who embarks on a trip in every episode in order to find something or help somebody. This interactive stage show allows kids to help Dora navigate a high seas adventure — by reading the map, singing, learning words and count — to reach a treasure.
There will be two performances each day. For more information, call (412) 322-5058.


Pack up the car with food & alcoholic beverages (Riesling), load up the kids & head to a PA State Park.  Let the kids get their Piggy Toes dirty while you sit back and RELAX!  Check out this site for a Cabin in the woods.  If you asked me, I’d prefer the ‘MODERN Cabins & Houses’ but if your more adventerous, rent a ‘Rustic Cabin’ and let me know how much fun you had 😉


***  If you know of an event going on or have Labor Day Weekend Plans that you want to share with others, Please post below in the ‘Comment’ section! 

I know for us, we will be enjoying OUR HOME, eating good food & spending time as a FAMILY!  Maybe we’ll fit in one last trip to our boat too ~ Whatever we do, I’m sure we’ll make a memory 😉